Immanuel Advent Devotional


This devotional is meant to explore the idea of Immanuel: God With Us, in preparation for Christmas. This Advent season, you have the opportunity to use this guided study to understand more who God is and why it is so remarkable that he came to Earth to be with you. This devotional has a section for every day through the end of the year. Feel free to print it off or share it with your friends.

Spiritual Practices



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Good Fruit vs. Bad Fruit


This handout is meant to help you think through what fruit you see in your life. Following the analogy of a tree, what nourishes, sustains and gives life to your actions? Whether you know exactly what sins you are struggling with at the moment or you need to do a little soul-searching to understand where your heart needs adjustment before God, this idea may help guide you in some reflection.

Reading Your Bible

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This PDF is a template for reading your Bible. It’s a devotion that is entirely written by you as you read through the Bible and identify different parts of the scripture. Every page is meant to help you walk through one chapter of the Bible. The pages can fold in the middle into a booklet or stay as one big page. Every section helps you think through a different idea:

  1. Main idea: What was the point of this passage? What does it seem like the author was trying to get at?
  2. Theme verse: What verse was the culmination of the main idea in the pasage?
  3. Characteristics of God: What does this passage say about who God is?
  4. Characteristics of people: What does this passage say about people and their identity? Does this help me understand myself?
  5. Directions: What are specific imperatives given in the text? Does is give me any instruction or direction for my life?
  6. Specific conviction: What instruction given resonates with me? What are tangible ways for me to do that?
  7. Notes: Take note of anything that jumps out or is repeated or seems important.
  8. Questions: Remember to ask questions! Write down what doesn’t make sense and then ASK someone to help you understand it.
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